local love

in a

global crisis

Help the most vulnerable as our region responds to the

COVID-19 crisis.

United Way Alberta Northwest has created a partnership with local stakeholders in our community to support Grande Prairie and surrounding communities affected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Our preparations are designed to bring support to those who will potentially be directly or indirectly affected by the outbreak.

We will get through this together.


We know that in our region many people could not, and cannot, afford to adequately prepare for how COVID-19 is affecting their family. Many do not have supports, should they need to self-isolate. Those who already face barriers—things like poverty, homelessness and social isolation—need even more help during this time. The needs will continue to evolve. But, as you protect your family and those closest to you to keep them healthy, we urge you to think of those who may need the help of their neighbours.

Together we can keep our community strong.

Crisis is not unfamiliar to our region

In crisis situations, we work rapidly with front-line agencies, local municipalities and partners to uncover the greatest needs, and organize to achieve the greatest impact.  

By working together, we can make a difference.

Packing Cans

When you give to United Way, you help to provide:



Ensure people have access

to basic needs, such as food

Help for Seniors

Ensure that vulnerable people who are isolated are also supported.

Capacity for Community Services

Ensure that Community Partners can continue to do their vital, local work.

Mental Health Support

Enable crisis lines and system navigation services

Support for Volunteers

The amazing people rallying to support others need our help, too.

As the situation changes, United Way Alberta Northwest will continue

to work with our Community Partners to adapt.

Image by Alexander Dummer

If you're able, please give generously today.