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Healthy People, Strong Communities

Seniors, people living in poverty, and those facing mental health issues may not always get the help they need to live happy, healthy lives. We invest in programs and initiatives that lead to healthier people and stronger communities.

2018 Community Partners

Box 1333, Grande Prairie, Alberta T8V 4Z1

Camp Tamarack strives to provide an inclusive and barrier-free outdoor camping experience through accessible, fun-filled and innovative programs. Our safe and positive environment nurtures personal and social growth by allowing individuals to connect to nature and develop physically, socially, spiritually and emotionally. Through this, we hope to enhance the quality of life of all participants and create positive opportunities to discover one’s potential.

2018 Allocation: $17,000

Phone: 780-538-4694

10105 - 102 Street  Grande Prairie, AB   T8V 2V8

Catholic Family Services was founded after an in-depth study of family counselling services revealed a definite need for affordable, professional family and marriage counselling.  Our mandate is to promote healthy families through education and support as well as to provide counselling for individuals and families experiencing problems in living.

2018 Allocation: $22,000

Phone: 780-532-09381

9904- 101 ave, Grande Prairie, Alberta, T8V 0X8

The Healing Arts Program Initiative is designed to enrich the lives of local community members that face a variety of barriers. Through art instruction, discussion, studio time and exhibition opportunity, H.A.P.I. allows individuals and groups a chance to express themselves, build self esteem, find hidden talents and experience a sense of positive accomplishment. The program was initiated through a partnership with the Centre for Creative Arts and the John Howard Re-Integration Program. 

2018 Allocation: $12,000

Phone: 780-814-6080

9804 100 Avenue #229  Grande Prairie, AB T8V 0T8

The CNIB serves anyone who is experiencing vision loss, through public education, counseling, and a variety of rehabilitation programs.

2018 Allocation: $13,000

Phone: 780-539-4719

9804 100 Avenue #229  Grande Prairie, AB T8V 0T8

Understanding, support, and advice when you need it most It's not unusual to feel depressed, angry or alone when you experience a loss of vision, and there will probably be times when you wish you had someone to help you work through these feelings. If you're struggling to overcome the emotional challenges of vision loss, we're here for you.

2018 Allocation: $2,000

Phone: 780-539-4719

9607-102 Street, Grande Prairie, AB. T8V 2T8

Our mission is addressing the Social Determinants of Health through innovation, collaboration, education, support and harm reduction.
Our vision is a safe and inclusive world, free of discrimination.
Our idea is to provide wraparound supports addressing risks related to sexually transmitted and blood borne infections, and to respond to identified community needs. We aim to build a respectful, comprehensive and dignified network of support for all populations. 

2018 Allocation: $20,000

Phone: 780-539-4719

10031 103 Avenue Grande Prairie T8V 1B9

P.A.C.E. which stands for Providing Assistance, Counseling, & Education provides a variety of services in the Grande Prairie community & area, including crisis intervention, family support, educational workshops, and counseling services involving sexual abuse, sexual assault, child abuse, and trauma. P.A.C.E. believes that everyone dealing with, or experiencing crisis and trauma has the right to access skilled, caring, and professional services. 

2018 Allocation: $18,250

Phone: 780-539-6672

103, 10901 - 100th St.,  Grande Prairie, AB T8V 2M9

We are a standalone Alberta-based charitable organization and we rely on the generosity of donors. One
Parkinson Association of Alberta helps make every day better for Albertans affected by Parkinson disease. We provide support services, education, advocacy and funds for research.  One hundred percent
of the money raised here funds the best services, resources, and research to benefit Albertans.


The MS Society offers a variety of programs to help people affected by multiple sclerosis to effectively manage and cope with the disease. MS can be quite challenging at times, but through the support offered by the MS Society, no one has to face these challenges on their own.

2018 Allocation: $23,000

Parkinson Alberta                                                                MS Society of Canada
Phone: 780-882-6640                                                           Phone: 780-532-3204
Email:                                 Email:  

101- 10127-121 Avenue Grande Prairie, Alberta  T8V 7V3 

We offer information not only to seniors but to family, friends, caregivers, neighbors - anyone that is playing a role in a seniors life. When a senior is in "crisis" we problem solve with them to come up with a solution. This is done daily with clients; often until a crisis affects you it is hard to understand the need for such a service. Word of mouth and steady increase of clients has proved the important need and role Seniors Outreach has in our community.

2018 Allocation: $27,500

Phone: 780-539-6255

10 Knowledge Way Grande Prairie, AB   T8W 2V9

At Spinal Cord Injury Alberta (formerly the Canadian Paraplegic Association Alberta), we believe in helping people with SCI rebuild their dreams. Every day, our staff and volunteers bring help and hope to individu­als and families facing a very difficult time in their lives. We meet them in hospital to hear their concerns and let them know we’re available to help. When they are ready, we work with them to set goals that will lead to greater independence and self-reliance. We link them with information and peer mentors who can help them achieve their goals. We open doors to education, employment and recreation opportunities and work in countless other ways to ensure that the communities where they live are accessible and accepting. We help them overcome their setbacks and we celebrate their successes!

2018 Allocation: $15,000

Phone: 780-532-3305

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