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Grande Prairie Council for Lifelong Learning

An Emergency Community Support Grant in the amount of $8,280 will be used for the Connecting Through Technology for Seniors Program. The Grande Prairie Council for Lifelong Learning, in partnership with Wild Rose Manor, a senior's home in Grande Prairie, has developed this learning project to provide skills training in technology to support seniors, amidst COVID 19.

Learners will focus on the "what" of technology and learn skills that can be applied in a variety of situations and on multiple devices. They will be taught generic strategies that are an alternative to memorizing task-based steps in using devices. This learning opportunity will support seniors who are isolated from families and friends to make maximum use of technological devices. The training will provide them with the skills and knowledge needed to understand the dimension of technological devices, support them in how to navigate and control devices. From 'settings', maintaining security and safety, to enhancing their ability to maximize the use of technological devices for entertainment.

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