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Period Promise

Period Poverty is a very real, sometimes devastating issue faced by menstruating individuals in our community.  Menstruation products should not be a luxury item.  They are an essential and necessary piece to ensuring

the health and participation of individuals in school and society.

**When donating online, please make a note stating "Period Promise" on the donation page**

Help us end Period Poverty and Stigmas

What is Period Poverty?

When a person cannot afford period products, causing them

to resort to alternate means to manage their periods.

Students Taking Exams
  • Nearly 1 in 7 Canadian students have left school early or missed school entirely because they did not have access to period products.

  • 68% of students say they feel their period prevents them from full participation in activities.

  • 55% of students say they have missed school or avoided social activities because of their period.

Period poverty can lead people to use the same pad or tampon for an extended period of time, which can lead to health risks such as infections.  In extreme cases, some people who can't afford period products may resort to using items such as toilet paper, socks, papers or even dirty clothes,

which can compound the chance of infection.

With your help, we can make menstruation products more accessible to individuals in need.

Let's do all that we can to empower our young people to reach their full potential.

2021/22 Period Promise Campaign Donors

We send a huge and heartfelt thank you to our donors for helping to launch our Period Promise Campaign in the Alberta Northwest Region.

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