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Rotary House/Saint Lawrence Centre

The $80,000 Emergency Community Support Grant to Rotary House Saint Lawrence Centre

will ensure that their Daily Needs of Vulnerable People Affected by COVID-19 program supports two programs designed to assist Vulnerable people in our region.

$20,000 of these funds will cover the cost of personal hygiene items, emergency prescription needs, socks and underwear, bus tickets to help displaced individuals return home, food for individuals unable to utilize soup kitchen or food bank, and other day-to-day or survival needs. To address the needs coming about from increased isolation and decreased access to traditional supports, the Saint Lawrence Centre will use their existing staff to assist those in need with their daily and emergency needs.

$60,000 of these funds will provide an Activity Community Coordinator/Community Navigator for street-involved individuals affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Currently, at-risk street-involved individuals are struggling to survive in some instances now that several of the services they are dependant on have had to decrease their availability due to COVID-19. Through this proposed program individuals will have access to expertise (Coordinator/Navigator), and resources (client support funds) to increase their resilience and opportunities to take the next steps on their housing or recovery journey.

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