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Cool Aid Society of Grande Prairie
GP Friendship centre
Meals on Wheels
Grande Prairie Family Education Society
Seniors Outreach
Spinal Cord Injury Association
Stepping Stones Day Care Society
High Prairie Children's Resource Council
GP Public Education Foundation
John Howard Society
United for Literacy
Council for Lifelong Learning

Understanding United Way Allocations:


United Way's allocation process involves the careful review and assessment of community needs, collaboration with local partners, and the strategic distribution of funds to programs and services. Our organization takes a comprehensive approach to address a wide range of issues, such as education, health, income stability, and basic needs. United Way focuses on identifying the root causes of these challenges and investing in programs that create sustainable solutions.


Impact Measurement and Accountability:


As a charitable organization, we are committed to transparency, accountability, and demonstrating results. Our organization evaluates the impact of all funded programs, measuring outcomes and assessing progress towards long-term community goals. By holding ourselves accountable, United Way ensures that donor contributions are making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families across communities.


United Way's allocation and funding practices exemplify our commitment to creating lasting community impact. By conducting comprehensive needs assessments, fostering collaboration, and employing a strategic investment approach, United Way Alberta Northwest ensures that resources are directed toward programs that make a measurable difference.


Through its accountability and commitment to transparency, United Way continues to be a trusted steward of donor contributions, driving positive change and improving lives in communities across our region.

United Way 2022 Community Partners 

United Way's mission would not be possible without our community partners. These organizations are the boots on the ground, delivering essential services and support to those in need.


They are the heart of our collective impact.

Bezanson Ag Society                                                                    Central Peace FCSS                                                  Centre for the Creative Arts 


Cool-Aid Society                                                             Council for Lifelong Learning                                            Family Education Society

GP Friendship Centre                                                     GP Public Education Society                                                    John Howard Society 


High Prairie Children's Resource Council                      Spinal Cord Injury Alberta                                                           Senior's Outreach

Stepping Stones Daycare Society                                          United for Literacy                                               Valleyview Victims Assistance


If you would like to learn more or discover how you or your business can impact where we live,

please contact Tracy by email at or by phone, 780-532-1105






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