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      United Way Alberta Northwest Red Menu is BACK for 2023!

This fall, United Way presents an incredible opportunity for restaurants and retail businesses to participate in the

United Way Red Menu initiative!


What is Red Menu?


Red Menu is an exciting philanthropic program that allows businesses to give back to their local communities in a meaningful and engaging way. During a set period, businesses can select specific items from their menu and commit to donating a portion of the sales from those items to United Way.


It's a simple yet powerful way to show your support for a cause that makes a real difference in the lives of countless individuals.

🌟 Why Participate?


Make a Positive Impact: By joining the Red Menu, you become a force for good, contributing to the noble mission of the United Way. Your contributions will help fund vital programs and initiatives focused on education, health, financial stability, and strengthening communities.


Engage and Inspire Customers: Customers love businesses that care about their communities. Participating in the Red Menu not only fosters a sense of community within your establishment but also inspires your patrons to support your cause while enjoying their favorite items.


Enhance Your Brand Image: Associating your business with a reputable and impactful organization like United Way can significantly enhance your brand's image. It demonstrates your commitment to corporate social responsibility and attracts socially conscious customers.


Build Lasting Relationships: Being part of the Red Menu program creates a unique bond between your business and your community. Customers will appreciate your dedication to making a difference and are more likely to become loyal patrons in the long run.

Donate and Celebrate: At the end of the set period, calculate the portion of sales from the Red Menu items and make your donation to United Way. Celebrate your collective impact and share the success with your customers and community.


🌟 How to Participate?


Participating in the Red Menu initiative is a breeze! Here's how you can get involved:

Reach Out: Contact your local United Way chapter or visit their website to express your interest in joining the Red Menu program. They will guide you through the process and provide the necessary resources.


Choose Your Donation Percentage: Select the dollar amount, percentage, or specific menu items you'd like to feature on your Red Menu. Romancing that up-sell while giving back to our community – Red Menu features like $1 from every entrée or appetizer sold is a FANTASTIC way to increase bill average.


Promote Your Red Menu: The United Way and your restaurant will work together to spread the word about your participation in the Red Menu initiative through social media, email newsletters, flyers, and in-store promotions. Engage your customers in the movement to drive sales and support for United Way.


This autumn, let's unite our communities for a brighter future! Participate in United Way's Red Menu and make a significant difference in the lives of those who need it most.


Together, we can create positive change and leave a lasting impact on our neighborhoods.


So, let's put the "red" in "Red Menu" and paint the town with compassion, support, and generosity! ❤️


Want to Get Involved?  


Contact Nikki, or call, 780-532-1105 for more information on how your business can

become part of Red Menu 2023

Supporting local business and meeting community needs - a tasty combination!

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