We Help Change Lives.

The Alberta Northwest Region is our home.  Our community.  Together, we help to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in our communities.

We Understand Local Needs

United Way Alberta Northwest helps to give everyone in our communities a chance by investing in three focus areas and working together with funded partners, government agencies and community organizations.


All That Kids Can Be

Due to circumstances beyond their control, many kids need help to develop the skills to succeed in school and life. We support programs that ensure children are ready to learn. We invest in programs and initiatives like homework clubs, summer camps, and after-school programs that allow at-risk kids to grow and succeed.


From Poverty to Possibility

Without the basic necessities, life becomes a struggle to survive. We invest in programs and initiatives that get homeless youth off the streets for good, help the under-employed or unemployed find jobs that match their skills, and give those who are struggling employment opportunities and a sense of belonging to their community.


Healthy People Strong Communities

Seniors, people living in poverty, and those facing mental health issues may not always get the help they need to live happy, healthy lives. We invest in programs and initiatives that lead to healthier people and stronger communities.

#LocalLove - Doing Local Good

through our Community Programs which provide support in the Alberta Northwest region, every day.

Ready for School

In 2021, United Way Alberta Northwest allocated $343,335 to charities and programs across the

Alberta Northwest Region!  


In January 2021, we delivered 300 frost kits within the Alberta Northwest Region.  


Whether you need help with food, shelter,  or mental health, United Way and its partners have worked together to create 211, a single point of contact for those who don't know where to turn for help.


With the generous donation from International Paper, United Way Alberta Northwest was able to create 360 Feminine Hygiene kits which were distributed to two local schools to help young women.

Ready for School

Our Tools for School Program helps reduce barriers for youth and enables them to successfully participate in learning in school.


The Direct Energy Emergency Fund was created by Direct Energy, UW of Calgary and Area, and the UW Alberta NW to support Albertans in financial crisis due to overdue natural gas and electricity bills or disconnected utilities.


You can't solve a problem is you don't know it exists.  In our busy world, important local issues can often go unnoticed.  United Way Alberta Northwest wants to change that.

Online Workshop

In response to the COVID-19 situation, the Government of Canada introduced the Emergency Community Support Fund to help charities and non-profit groups serve and support vulnerable Canadians during the pandemic.  This funding was distributed in 2 waves  to successful applicants in 2020.


In May 2019, United Way Alberta Northwest partnered with PACE, local artist Serena Love, and our community to transform the PACE Safe Visitation space into something more comfortable and calming.