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      United Way Alberta Northwest ~ Kits for a Cause 

Being homeless is difficult when the weather is fair; the moment our temperature drops, it becomes a matter of survival. The threat of serious illness, loss of fingers or toes, or even losing one’s life become serious concerns when temperatures plunge.
These threats are particularly potent here in Grande Prairie and area, where winters are notoriously harsh and wind chills can be extreme.
Our homeless and vulnerable populations are more likely than most to experience dangerous cold-related injuries such as frostbite and hypothermia.
United Way Alberta Northwest is working together with local organizations to help provide essential items to those who need them most.
Helping people take care of their basic needs is a first and necessary step for survival during the frigid cold months.
Only a few button clicks can help those in our community who desperately need a helping hand –
Kits for a Cause are made possible through the generous donations of people like you.
Click HERE to help provide warmth to our community -

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